Film Forum’s 66 film – month long salute to ‘Hollywood’s Naughtiest, Bawdiest Year’ – 1933!!! continues…

Day 3’s Twin Bill – Design for Living and Dinner at Eight

Design for Living is a life anyone would make designs for – with Fredric March, Gary Cooper and Miriam Hopkins as an inseparable trio making love & culture in Paris.  Perfect setting for a Ménage à trois, with perfect direction by Ernst Lubitsch of Noël Coward’s play.  A MUST!!

Dinner at Eight is George Cukor’s ‘comedy’ of manners, but it’s more like a depression of errors.  An all-star cast (Marie Dressler, John Barrymore, Wallace Beery, Jean Harlow, Lionel Barrymore, Lee Tracy, Edmund LoweBillie Burke, et al) makes this rather dim affair as lively as they could possibly make it.  Jacket required.  Your eyes, not necessarily, but we could listen to Billie Burke talk all day long!!!!!!

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