Darling Clifton-

This is just an inarticulate but truly felt note to try to thank you for your long friendship, loyalty, and love for Bogie – for seeing him when you did and behaving as you did. I know how hard it was for you but you came through in style.  Bogie always adored you. You knew him long before I did so I guess you knew that. I envy you for those extra years – you were lucky and so was I.  I’m grateful for it all – there’s never been a man like Bogie.  It won’t be the same for us, Cliff – but we have a lot that can never be taken from us and for that I’m grateful.  So darling – you are now my good friend and I like that.

Always my love

– Betty

note from Lauren Bacall to Clifton Webb, after Humphrey Bogart’s death

in the photo – Bacall, Bogart, Webb, Mabelle Webb, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Joan Bennett, and others

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