WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1927 – Patricia Avery, Rita Carewe, Helene Costello, Barbara Kent, Natalie Kingston, Frances Lee, Mary McAllister, Gladys McConnell, Sally Phipps, Sally Rand, Martha Sleeper, Iris Stuart, Adamae Vaughn

WAMPAS Baby Stars Feted at Christmas Party – Santa Claus, shrunken to a height of 43 inches, presented celebrities and writers at a gala Christmas Party held in the Biltmore […]

thirteen of the fifteen budding moving pictures stars pictured in their first get-together since their selection as WAMPAS Baby Stars by Hollywood publicity agents. This year the publicity men selected […]

WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1928 – Gwen Lee, June Collyer, Dorothy Gulliver, Sally Eilers, Ann Christy, Molly O’Day, Lina Basquette, Audrey Ferris, Ruth Taylor, Lupe Velez, Flora Bramley, Sue Carol, […]

WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1931 – Anita Louise, Marion Schilling, Rochelle Hudson, Joan Marsh, Karen Morley, Marian Marsh, Joan Blondell, Sidney Fox, Judith Wood, Frances Dee, Barbara Weeks, Frances Dade, […]

coming to Los Angeles to star in a First National picture called Babe Comes Home, George Herman Ruth, the King of Swat, is greeted at the train by a group […]