tonight kicked off Film Forum’s 66 film – month long salute to ’Hollywood’s Naughtiest, Bawdiest Year’ – 1933!!!  no time machine needed, just eyes & cash!!! (if only I didn’t have a day job and other commitments, cause I’d be there EVERY single day!)

Day 1’s Double Bill – Roy Del Ruth’s The Little Giant and Employee’s Entrance

The Little Giantfinds retired Chicago bootlegger Edward G Robinson looking to go legit, so he heads to California to hobnob with the sophisticated set.  Guess what?  Hilarity ensues (it really does), with this fish WELL out of water, while he battles wits & hearts with both Helen Vinson AND Mary Astor.  To see Astor in Robinson’s arms alone is worth the price of admission!!!  

Employee’s Entrance is where numerous employees of a giant department store are exiting, after being canned by taskmaster manager Warren William.  He thinks of nothing but work, and very little of women, but will Loretta Young or Alice White change his mind?  Not bloody likely!

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