The North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company’s Glee Club (singing group) in 1929. The “Mama was pregnant with Jean” refers to my grandmother, Eleta Atwater Harris, who was pregnant with my mom. My grandmother worked in the Ordinary Department with R Kelly Bryant, who is now a prominent local historian. (Durham, NC)

top row (standing): Joseph Wavely Harris, Joseph Wavely Goodloe, Bettie Wilson Goodloe, Maude E Wigfall, William Earl Williams, William Proctor Flintall, Helen Clement (?), Gazella Paole Lipscomb (the last to die at age 101 in Sept 1998), Clarence E Palmer, Joseph Jones, Mary Fields Carr, William D Hill, Eula Perry Harris, Helen E Murray, George Wayne Cox, Ozebelle Kennedy Frasier.

bottom row (seated): Bessie Alberta Johnson Whitted, [?], Hattie E Livas, Susie V Gillie Norfleet, [?], Flossie E Torain, Lyda Moore Merrick, Martha Merrick Donnell, Irene Fitzgerald, Nora E Jones, Viola Thompson Turner, Johnie G Thompson.

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