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German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 6042/1, 1931-1932. Photo: Warner Bros. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Lotti Loder (1910-1999) was a brunette leading lady of German/Hungarian ancestry who featured in a few early Warner Brothers talkies.

Beautiful Lotti Loder was born in 1910 in Nürnberg, Germany as Lottie Kathe Lodermeyer. She started her career as a dancer in Vienna. According to Hans J. Wollstein at AllMovie: “Warner Bros. brought this brunette Austrian musical-comedy star to Hollywood in 1930, presumably as a threat to MGM’s Greta Garbo or Paramount’s Marlene Dietrich.” For Warner, she appeared in the film debut of the comedy duo Chic Johnson and Ole Olsen, Oh! Sailor Behave! (1930). Sh was cast as the leading lady opposite Ben Lyon and Harry Langdon in A Soldier’s Plaything (Michael Curtiz, 1930). The film was planned as a full-scale musical comedy. The majority of the musical numbers, however, were cut out before general release in the United States because the public had grown tired of musicals by late 1930. This accounts for the very short length of the film. The complete film was released intact in countries outside the United States where a backlash against musicals never occurred. Other films with Loder include Lonely Gigolo (Archie Mayo, 1930), and Sit Tight (Lloyd Bacon, 1931) with Joe E. Brown. Wollstein: “That, alas, was the end of Lotti Loder’s Hollywood career and she never became much of a threat to any of the imported divas.” She was married to John ‘Jack’ Raymond. Loder died on in 1999 in Miami, Florida, USA.

Source: Hans J. Wollstein (AllMovie), Wikipedia and IMDb.

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