Documentary of a Lost Girl is a film that uses archival materials and interviews from various witnesses to uncover the life of Louise Brooks away from the cameras.  While many know Miss Brooks as being a silent film star and siren, not many know of her incredibly intellectual abilities and her extensive research into her era of cinematic pursuits.  She stands out as a shining example of a woman ahead of her era who dared to shirk the usual demands made of women of that time and live her life the way she wanted to. Although the historical truth is always unclear from our point of view, we will provide the audience with opinions from all sides; from friends, to researchers, to relatives.  Everyone has a different story to tell, and we are collecting all that we can muster. It is important for us to collect every scrap of archival material for, if they are not documented, then they may fade out of the picture as quickly as unpreserved film

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