Colors is a creation of dance, images, digital design, dedicated to children and their way of playing with colors. It is a project of the TPO, in collaboration with the New Yorke choreographer Catherine Galasso. The Italian company known for her high tech shows, imagined a “sensitive” space where three dancers could paint the space with the body. Each color has its place in the world, a sound, a movement, an energy. the colors live within us and give shape to moods, joy, joy, anger or melancholy. In this space immaterial three little sisters, blue, red, yellow, create relationships inspired by objects that come alive by interacting with the body. In their games they enter in a dream and start here an emotional journey where color invades the scene by transforming thoughts into images. Here the objects produced by their fantasies intersect with desires and fears, giving life to micro-stories, animated paintings and interactive games

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