Webster University – Class of 1926 

Students – 28 (10 boys and 18 girls) 

Top row from left – George Epstein, Joseph SchmidFrancis DwyerCharles Heil, Henry StoverinkMatt McLaughlin, Frank Manestar, Anthony KolliasJoe Gioia 

Middle row –  Catherine Reese, Iona Arnold, Lucille Cenatiempo, Ruth Kelly, Dorothy Martineau, Bertha Stoverink, Virginia Pursley, Lillian Bernsen, Othea Lauterwasser 

Front row – Agnes StantonCatherine O’Shaughnessy, Laura Stumpf, Margaret Regan, P.J. O’Connor, Ruth Bovard, Philomena Shaffrey, Monica Moynihan, Anna Purcell, Frances Matreci

also in the class, but not in this photo is Cornelius Kavanaugh

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