Bobbed Hair, lobby card, 1925

Via IMDb reviewer Trent Bolden:

“Connemara Moore (Marie Prevost) has two suitors, one who likes bobbed hair and the other who doesn’t. Both have proposed and she promises to reveal which one she has accepted by either bobbing her hair or not bobbing. In reality, she can’t decide between them, so she accepts a ride with a stranger, David Lacy (Kenneth Harlan, at the time Prevost’s real-life husband). The ride leads her to all sorts of adventures involving bootleggers, a fight on a private yacht, an attack by hijackers, and other tense situations. Connemara is rescued by Lacy, who turns out to be a government agent, and when she shows up with only half her hair bobbed, it’s an indication that she has chosen him as her husband-to-be.”

this has instantly become our most favorite movie of all time!

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