Lola Knutson, representing the Bagdad Theatre, smiling and posing with one hand on her hip as others look on in the background. She is wearing heels, a sash with the words “Miss Bagdad Theatre” printed on it, and a swimming suit.  Knutson took second place in a beauty contest held at Jantzen Beach in Portland on August 15, 1929, as part of a picnic sponsored by the East Side Commercial Club. The contest had 23 participants, each representing a business or organization. A cropped version of this photograph was published on Page 10 of the Oregon Journal on August 16, 1929, alongside pictures of Jerry Chenoweth, who won the contest, and Mary Benoit, who took third place. The photographs were published under the headline “East Side’s Winning Maids,” and accompanied a short article about the contest, titled “Bathing Girls Not Afraid to Get Hair Damp”

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